hannah mishin

Portfolio and Blog of artist and technologist Hannah Mishin.  


The work I make with the tools of now is bolstered by my background in painting and drawing. This work is about exploring the means by which technology can expose misconceptions or reveal insights in situations, environments and within our experiences of the human condition.

I exploit electricity and code commands into objects, I draw concepts and photograph observations, I record sonic distinctions in service of the subjective - a science of observation and assessment. The work I make is in a transition from divergent modalities of artistic production and is in a triangle wave of fluctuation between art’s past and future. I am intrigued by new media’s vastly varied methods of expressiveness and the aesthetic and philosophical underpinnings of traditional media. I am interested in repetition and iteration - constantly attempting to harness both past and future.  My current work is a narrative of  multiplicity and is wrought from my relationship with technology, beauty and experiential science.  Work made of emerging technology can never be not of its time, as its very materiality is comprised of the time in which it has been created, and yet, how to use the materials of “now” to facilitate a deeper understanding of  our perceptions of ourselves and the world we inhabit, a task science has been burdened with since its inception?  How can art illuminate scientific concepts? How can art describe technology? How can art be beautiful, of its time and address our contemporary understanding of human existence, both macro and micro, in a aesthetic and visceral way?