hannah mishin

Portfolio and Blog of artist and technologist Hannah Mishin.  

Our eyes are constantly darting around our field of vision to generate an image of what we see. When we blink, usually this image does not disappear. Instead, our minds generate “place holder” images to create the illusion of seamless sight. Most of us consider vision to be a reliable method of gathering factual information. Thus, we believe that what we “saw” was fact. Instead, through various mental faculties, we compose what we believe to be reality. When we blink, our minds do not stop creating images even though we are not actually “seeing.” The “Blink” project is my attempt to see what is occurring when my mind is generating images. I capture those moments in which my mind invented, if but for a millisecond, an image of the outside world. “Blink” is a performance work made possible by technology, using both hardware and software. After I completed the device, I wore the helmet and walked around New York City, talking to people about these ideas.

The video below is example footage from the helmet camera.

This is a collection of thirty-minutes of my missed blinks:


For detailed information about how this project works, please see this blogpost: