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Valentine's Day Auto-fill Letters Text/Char Parse

Went to this website:


after writing a text parsing script in processing.  It is a mess, but it pooped out some images based on characters and specific words used.  Lines/squares represent use of words that refer to self (I, me, etc), to the reader (you, your), Larger lines refer to use of Love (and its variants) and Hate (and its variants- though none of these love letters use hate or derivatives of).  Other lines/squares represent use of positive connotation adjectives and others of negative connotation adjectives.

 Forget soccer for a while


You can forget it, because today there will be no soccer (football, baseball, etc.)! No way! Did you forget that today is Valentine`s day? Or, lately, you can only think of (name of player)?
Yes, I am serious darling, I want very much to see you today and do something different and very romantic. I can`t stand the fact of being locked up inside the house because "today there is (name of championship)" and the next day "there is (name of another championship)".
Look, today you have to play with me. We are going out and we are going to have fun. I want to see a very romantic movie and have dinner in a very cool restaurant. I won`t accept to go to cheap restaurant close by, because there you could suddenly meet a friend of yours and start to talk about (name of team) and our night would be over!
I am very prudent so I am not going say any words connected to (name of sport) because you could start to talk about the player who was unfaithful and you know that I don`t like unfaithfulness. Being aware of the fact that the highway (name of highway) is not so good if you are looking for motels I suggest that we go to another (name of highway) for example. It seems that in this direction there are very good motels with special menu for Valentine`s day. But don`t make yourself stupid by going to the direction of (name of the stadium), did you get that?
Well darling, I hope I made myself clear. Today is Valentine`s day. Forget the stadium and let`s go to a motel. I guarantee that this is going to be your best move lately.

I am waiting for you ready to give you many kisses.

To the far away boyfriend

"My dear,

Why do you have to be some far away from me on Valentine`s day? It`s so wrong! But I know it`s not your fault and that we`ll soon narrow the distance between us. I want you to know that, as soon as you come back, I`ll be waiting for you with open arms and open heart, because I love you too much!
It`s such a shame you`re so far away on this special day, I really wanted to be close to you, to kiss you and celebrate such a happy day. I miss you very much, but I know this period in time when you`re living in a distant land will bring you a lot of success and happiness.
But the reason I`m writing this letter, on this particular date, is to make you feel cherished and loved. I`m sure that, on my part, I`ll be able to bare the pain of being temporarily apart from each other, because I trust you, I trust my love for you, I trust your love for me, I trust our love for each other! I know our love is bigger and stronger than the thousands of miles between us, and I`m sure that when you return we`ll make up for all the lost time.
My darling, on this Valentine`s day, may you renew your strength and faith in life, knowing that I`m always with you, knowing you`re always on my thoughts, and be sure you`ll be able to reach all your goals and become a successful person in every field.
May you be forever happy. And if it`s up to me, I want you to know I`ll always be there for you because I love you!

A tender kiss from yours


Seducing a shy and lonely friend

" Dear (name), 

All of a sudden I caught myself wondering about you... you´re always so quiet and lonely that sometimes you seem a little puppy lost on the sidewalk or afraid of crossing the street… I don´t know, but I find myself eager to ask if you´re happy that way (because it´s such a reserved way!), with those eyes that give the impression of hiding a little sadness behind them…
I hope that you don´t feel invaded by my rude curiosity and by these notes, the fact is that the Valentine´s Day is near and I sense that this day doesn´t mean anything to you… I see the commerce getting packed with people, tons of magazines about the theme on book stores, but you´re always unbalanced by such appeal… Are you really this way or times have been tough for you? You can be honest with me, for I´ve been feeling quite alone also... Nothing that serious, but it´s always good to have someone by your side whom we like to talk to, or to watch a movie, listen to music, or simply to spend an afternoon together…
Look, if you don´t have a person to share gifts on this Valentine´s Day, you´d better know that I´d accept anything coming from you, as ordinary as it may be, like some flowers or a kind letter maybe…
Happy Valentine´s Day from your friend, 

I will not be alone!
Dear (name), 

I know that you are my friend and I feel at ease to let it out and tell you things that I´d probably not tell anyone else. I´ve made a very serious decision and I need to share it with someone I trust…
What decision? As this Valentine´s Day comes closer, a certain anxiety or eager, almost an anger, begins catching at me... 
I see everyone happy rushing for lovely gifts, all these beautiful plastic bags flickering to and fro on the streets, my girlfriends commenting with one another silly things like “he´s gonna love this underwear”, and then I remember that I´ve got no one to give presents or to expect receiving from… 
But now, as I was saying, I decided that I´ll not waste away this day like in previous years, now I need to find someone willing to pass the Valentine´s Day with me and share love like a real couple would do, and since I know you´re alone as well, I´d like to ask you what kind of gift you would like to receive…? Do not forget that we´re not talking about unrequited love al right? 
For now, receive a bunch of kisses from a definite girl! 
Your friend, 


I want to say something special to you


I was anxious today, on Valentine`s day, because I would like to give you or tell you something special, but I didn`t have enough money for the present and the right words to express how much you are important to me were missing.
Suddenly, without any explanation, an old thought from the philosopher Pitagoras came to my mind, it said: "A friend is like yourself. It is necessary to honor him like a god. The friendship is the equality of harmony" I know we are much more than friends (After all, people who are only friends don`t do certain things that we do so well together), but if our relationship is so good, pleasant and calm, it is because it is based on friendship, the essence of friendship.
Before everything else I am your best friend and I recognize you as my best friend too. We don`t control each other but we worry about each other.
I know we don`t make any moves that could, in any way, hurt the other, and being so I feel we honor each other. At the moment I have to decide something important for me and for my future I also think of my other me ( who is you) and I always choose the alternative which will bring more benefit for both of us. I know you have been doing the same, and maybe this constant worry to search equality, harmony or as the philosopher said: "the equality of harmony". All this added to the physical attraction we both feel could be what people call love.
If that is true, I think we really love each other. Look, unintentionally I think I found something special to tell you today, even though it seems to me that I say "I love you" every day it is not true, my dearest love.
I want to see you today, I really do!

A kiss to you

If I were your girlfriend!


Dear friend (name), 

It´s really great to be your friend, but as I am on pins and needles about this coming Valentine´s Day, a crazy idea has crossed my mind… Yes, I began fancying what it would be if I were your girlfriend… Do not get frightened though cause I warned you right above it was a crazy idea, didn´t I? And since dreaming doesn´t cost a thing and does not convey too harmful collateral damages, generally speaking that is, I began thinking that if I were your girlfriend, I´d prepare you a great dinner on this February 14. 
Besides, I need to try a recipe I´ve learned from a friend of mine who is also one of the greatest chefs in town… It´s about an italian pasta called ravioli, but filled with coffee and covered with cheese and nuts which is totally delicious! Because I know very well you love pasta, I´d have incredible pleasure in preparing this dish for you, but of course, if you were my boyfriend, which is not the case… 
Continuing... if I were your girlfriend, I bet you would wear better ties and walk around with the finest perfume, for I would certainly mind about you and I would be proud to introduce you as my boyfriend to my circle of friends. But since I am not, keep using this worn jeans and these second-class ties that you usually wear... Well, I told you that my idea was absurd... Anyways, if on February 14 you want to taste some delicious food and have a great evening, stop by my place, you will never regret! 
Kisses from your friend, 


My boyfriend is the best!

 Dear (name), 

Since I saw you for the first time, I thought it you were wonderful: handsome, polite, clever and elegant. But one thing was missing... you weren´t mine! So now everything is perfect honey!
You are the best and I love to go out with you and visit all these places in your company. You cant even imagine the satisfaction I feel every time I look at you, the admiration I have for your manly and gorgeous body and for your noble posture on every occasion. 
Besides, you really know how to please a woman... and I am a demanding woman! But by your side I don´t feel any kind of need, maybe because you know what I truly need, both emotionally and physically speaking, you know my most secret dreams! 
I need to tell you that I have been feeling very happy by sharing my life and experiences with you. On this Valentine´s Day, I´ll pray and ask Him to provide me with health and emotional balance so I can make you happier and happier each day, because if someday I lose you I´d feel like the unhappiest person of this world. You are my world. 
Love and kisses, 


I´m gonna open my heart…


There are things that take place an inch from our eyes and we don´t see, isn´t it? Normally, that happens when we are distracted or simply closed to the world outside. 
I don´t want to babble, but it´d be too boring if i started this letter by saying beforehand that I´ve completely fallen for you and that it is too weird that you haven´t noticed that yet…
But as the Valentine´s Day is getting closer, I plucked up courage to open my heart to you. Whether due to distraction or anything else, I wish that this little letter would suffice to make you open your heart to what I feel towards you. My fear, however, is that you have already realized it and that you simply don´t mind about it. Is that what it is? 
I hope not... For there is someone who sees you with other eyes, who breathes differently when you are near, someone who loves you so much… As much as I try to be discreet, sometimes I can´t help it and now the dice is cast and I can´t turn back. 
Dear (name), if you don´t know who is behind these words, it won´t take long till you find out. I won´t sign it this time, but next time you are passing by me, I´ll only ask “did you like it?”. Your eyes or your smile will certainly answer me. 


14 of February is a beautiful day

 My darling,

Today is a beautiful day because it is Valentine`s day!
Even though a lot of people don`t care about these special days, and complain that the shopping centers are full of anxious people looking for presents, I think it is very important to have a day like that.
It is not because I am going to say something you don`t know yet, but my intention is to continue dedicating my attention and care to you. This way you will be sure of all the love I feel for you.
But, this day is important because in this very fast changing world, ruled by competition and stress, it is necessary that people be alerted to a fundamental aspect of life: the practice of love, the manifestation of love, the need to let stronger affection demonstrations happen and, why not, the special attention of offering a small gift to the person you like, for example, flowers, a good book or a perfume?
If I think that Valentine`s day is beautiful because of all these things, why then, not state that, for me, it is even more beautiful because I have the most dearest girlfriend (or boyfriend) of the world and I pray everyday so that you will always be with me in each Valentine`s day.
Accept a lovable kiss from my heart. I miss you and I wish to be beside you as soon as possible.